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Carolee Dean has made numerous appearances as a guest poet/author at schools, libraries, poetry events, and educator conferences. In addition, she was a featured author at the 2002 Texas Book Festival.

COMFORT received the Best YA Novel award from the Texas Institute of Letters in 2003, was on the 2003-2004 TAYSHAS list, and was on the 2008-2009 intermediate list for New Mexico’s Battle of the Books.

Carolee offers a variety of presentations to choose from (see the list below). Also, contact Carolee directly if your presentation needs vary and she will work with you on customizing a program to fit your school’s needs.


Middle school and high school presentations include a dramatic reading of poems from her novels, a discussion of the writing/rewriting and publishing process, and a brief poetry writing activity. Elementary school presentations involve an interactive poetry experience. Appropriate for grades K-12.


This power point demonstration covers the twelve step story plotting process that Carolee uses to write her novels. It is based upon the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell and inspired by story analyst Christopher Vogler. Students gain a deeper understanding of story structure and leave with a plethora of ideas for writing their own original stories. Appropriate for large groups (grades 4-12) and small groups of grades 1-3.


Carolee discusses how she and other authors use non-fiction sources to create fictional stories. A question and answer segment allows students to practice the interviewing process. It is appropriate for grades 6-12.

Length for all presentations is approximately 50 minutes and group size is usually around 100, but Dean can accommodate larger groups if requested. Intensive poetry writing workshops are available for smaller groups. If you are interested in summer programs, or an author/poet-in-residence experience, contact Carolee for details.

Current pricing is $250.00 for Albuquerque and $300.00 for all other southwest cities for each 50 minute presentation with a two presentation minimum for Albuquerque ($500.00) and a three presentation minimum for all other cities ($900.00). For states outside of the southwest, contact Carolee for price information. Travel expenses are extra.

Teacher Trainings

Dean is a board certified speech-language pathologist who has worked with students of all ages and ability levels. She uses a multisensory approach to teach writing and story analysis. Length of presentations and prices vary. The following two presentations may be combined for a full-day (6 hour) workshop.

1)      “Beyond Story Grammar: The Secret Language of Stories” – This interactive power point demonstration compares and contrasts the story grammar methods teachers traditionally use to teach story writing/analysis with the techniques that professional writers use. By combining the two methods, Carolee shows how to inspire students while meeting benchmarks and standards.

2)    “Inspiring the Reluctant Writer: Random Acts of Haiku” – Educators learn a variety of techniques for encouraging reluctant writers and leave with a treasure trove of hands-on writing activities.

For more information about school visits contact Carolee Dean at carolee@caroleedean.com. If your needs vary, please don’t hesitate to write and ask about alternative arrangements. 

How to fund a school visit-If you are hosting an event you may sometimes order books from the publisher at a discount and use book sales to help fund the visit. Also, many Parent Teacher Organizations are willing to pay for guest authors if you request funds early in the school year. Check with your principal to see if Title One money may be used to encourage literacy through school visits.

Grant opportunities:

www.barbarabushfoundation.com – The Barbara Bush Foundation National Grant Program. Approximately $650,000 is given each year for the purpose of creating, implementing or expanding programs that support the development of literacy skills.

www.schoolgrants.org – How to find appropriate grants and how to write a successful grant.

U.S. Department of Education - www.educaton-world.com/a_issues/nclbwork/nclbwork043

Literacy Grants to Enhance Libraries

Wells Fargo Charitable Contributions www.wellsfargo.com/about/charitable The primary focus of the grant should be to promote academic achievement for low-and moderate-income students. They actively encourage requests for staff training for teachers and administrators.

Foundation Education Grants (Verizon) Proposals will be considered from elementary and secondary schools that are registered with the National for Educational Statistics. The purpose of the grant is to improve basic literacy skills in the United States and abroad.


The content of this website is copyrighted © 2010 Carolee Dean. There are several reproducible activities that say “permission to reproduce for classroom use.”

If you would like to reproduce any of the other content or publish the reproducible activities for something other than classroom use, please contact me HERE.


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