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Writing Activities for Students

Random Acts of Haiku


Fibonacci Poems


Behind the scenes


Clip pictures out of a magazine.  Advertisements work well because they often contain symbolism and metaphor.  Look past the obvious.  What might be going on behind the scenes?  Use your ideas for the beginning of a short story or poem.


Pull a Poem out of a hat


Students write adjectives and nouns on slips of paper.  Put the nouns in one hat and the adjectives in another.  Students randomly choose one word from each hat to create an original poem title (i.e. “Banana Sunrise,” “The Inconsiderate Shoelace,” “Angry Pencils”).  Recollect the nouns and adjectives and redistribute two times so that students have three titles to choose from.   Students choose their favorite title and write a poem.

  Permission to Reproduce for Classroom Use

The content of this website is copyrighted © 2010 Carolee Dean. There are several reproducible activities that say “permission to reproduce for classroom use.”

If you would like to reproduce any of the other content or publish the reproducible activities for something other than classroom use, please contact me HERE.


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